An All Inclusive Resource and Reporting System

Our goal is to be your ultimate resource for integrating payroll and human resource functions into one easy-to-use consolidated information and reporting system.

HAPIS is a web based application, written in the Java language and makes use of the PostgreSql database. Our choice of the Java language and PostgreSql database means that you are free to choose your platform, whether it is any version of Windows or Linux.The fact that we have chosen and embraced open-source development tools and platforms means you will be discharged from engagement with third parties.



Every company especially with dozen of employees sometimes has difficulty to administer their payroll system. The payroll slip should be disbursed on time and appropriately prepared.

Within a manual system, payroll preparation is one of the most time-consuming and tedious task. However, it can be a snap when you use the HAPIS payroll. It can apply employee earnings and deductions, automatically calculate employee’s income tax and print salary slip, also report complete with year to date earnings and tax information. Every months and at the end of each year, the respective income tax reports and 1721 A / A1 form required by the tax authorities can be printed or downloaded. The HAPIS Payroll also complement tax parameter table which defines all current Government Tax Policy.

Extensive information is maintained for each employee, including birth-date, emergency contacts, review dated and comments, marital and tax status, year-to-date earnings and deductions amounts, as well as vacation, sick day and other benefit accruals.Key features and benefits include:


Flexible Earnings Types

Allowing an unlimited number of user-defined earning type, such as : regular, overtime, reported and allocated allowances, to obtain detailed information about employee compensation.


Multiple Earnings Distribution

Earnings can be distributed to any combination of Area, Branch, Job Class, Jobs Position, Working Group, Division, Department and Earning Code.


Flexible Payroll Deductions

You can set up flexible payroll deductions to be calculated automatically for each pay period, so you don’t have to calculate them manually each time. Use Payroll module to set up parameter list of deductions and earnings types, which can be updated in one place and then assigned to employee records.

HAPIS payroll allows you to specify employee tax-related deduction, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (Jamsostek) or BPJS Kesehatan, retirement plan, insurance and many more.


Type of Income tax Calculation

We accommodate four types of Income Tax Calculation, Gross, Net, Net Gross-Up or combination of them.


Employee Loan

The HAPIS payroll provides a comprehensive loan administration facility. The loan principal, interest and the type of loan are individually tracked by the HAPIS payroll. You have option whether the loan payment will be a part of deduction elements or it will be handled outside the Payroll System.


Direct Deposit

The direct deposit process allows each employee to distribute their net pay to their bank account. A direct deposit report of all employee can be printed or packed in data for automatically transfer to company’s bank.

Integration to General Ledger Module The payroll process will generate summary of accounting journal based on all payroll elements involved in a pay period.


Salary slip format generator

Since each organization has very specific needs of salary slip format, the HAPIS payroll includes a flexible and easy to use salary slip format generator, which enables you to define any format you want.


HR module is designed to help companies in any Industry, or any size, bring the difficult and often cumbersome task of HR record keeping under complete control. Extensive employee information is available at your fingertip which aids in protecting your company’s most valuable asset – your people.Key features and benefits include:


Personal data

Keeping track of historical personal data before an employee joints into your organization. The data includes hobby, mastering of language, working experience and education level.

A single key stroke from the “work with employee” screen in HR allow you to immediately access key employee information such as salary history, attendance history, training skills, loan history, job history, compensation history and much more.


Employee Self Service

Facilitate employees to access their personal information and also their subordinate personal information.



Paving the way for HR Department to cope with the difficulties to control the limit of medical reimbursement, which can be set up in two ways either by case or as total in a year.


Training program

Employee Employee training programs may be established and monitored to set a clear path for your employees to develop their skills and value to the organization.


Absenteeism / Leave

Ability to define an unlimited number of absent/ leave types and the maximum days employee can take leave or be absent in one year period.



Monitoring of company assets like car, hand phone and much more which are handed over to employees in sustaining their jobs.



To manage authorized user-access. To manage menu-level security, which menu items can be accessed by whom. Encrypting certain data, especially payroll data, to keep the data confidential. Featuring full audit logs, informing you when, and by whom changes were made.