Welcome To PT Solusi Integrasi Utama

SOLUSI is one of the leading IT and business services companies, SOLUSI founded in 1997. We have a mission to provide value-added solutions in information technology to its client by understanding their business objectives. We have been successfully partnering with our clients to design, build and deploy solutions, streamline processes, integrate systems, deliver relevant, timely information and extract return on investment. We have been intensively offering total



Alignment and intimacy with our clients is of out most importance. This helps us identify innovation and transformation opportunities and work with them in supporting their growth and leadership.


Meaningful creation happens with the collaborative efforts of large numbers of competent individuals demonstrating outstanding teamwork. Open and collaborative culture, driven by mutual respect, has been the ‘secret formula’ to envisioning and creating platforms and application in conjunction with our clients and partners.

Character building

We believe in building world-class professionals. People spend substantial part of their time within the organization At SOLUSI we create an environment which acts as stimulus for building people into leaders in all facets of their lives.